10 Prospective CEOs.
10 Wicked Problems.
10 Days.

What happens when successful entrepreneurs focus on the world’s wicked problems?

October 16 – 26 | 10.10.10 Cities 2017 | Denver, CO
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EXDO Event Center
Denver, CO
June 30th
3:00 PM

The Challenge

Over the course of 10 days in June, a group of 10 Prospective CEOs, successful entrepreneurs from across the United States, came together to face a monumental challenge. Their task? Confront 10 Wicked Problems in Health. Their goal? Exploration, discovery, understanding. Their hope? To create a new venture based on a new product or service that can change the world.

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Our Speakers

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10.10.10 cities 2017

Thank You to everyone who made 10.10.10 Health 2017 a huge success!! 

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Why We Do it

The talents of today's best entrepreneurs are squandered.

The world doesn't need its best and brightest to build yet another app. We need them to grapple with wicked problems – the sprawling, intractable issues that must be tamed if we’re going to build a better world. We need them to persuade investors to fund this vision. We need them to deliver these new products and services to hungry and waiting market that will create and sustain new businesses and offer incentives for the creation of more things that deliver return on investment and benefit to the community, society and the world.

Whether they relate to health, water, food, energy, learning, infrastructure, waste or other areas, these are the problems too often left to governments, nonprofits and industrial giants. Why?

Because wicked problems present tremendous business opportunities, we realized we could engage entrepreneurs, investors and the market itself  to confront. them. But this can only be done with the right combination of entrepreneurial energy and insight. 10.10.10 harnesses this power and points it in the right direction. Prospective CEOs participate in 10.10.10 with the determination to build successful companies that attack wicked problems with market-based solutions.

How it Works

The stakes are high. Failure is virtually guaranteed.

Preparation for each program begins about a year before The Big Reveal. Our team seeks out wicked problems, leaving no stone unturned, and evaluates them with the help of experts in the field. We select the final 10 based on need and opportunity –keeping in mind entrepreneurs, sources of capital and the market’s demand for solutions.

We’re always searching for the right people to pit against our wicked problems. From a an exclusive pool of successful entrepreneurs, we invite 10 to become Prospective CEOs. To help them, we enlist three groups of allies: Problem Advocates, Validators and Ninjas.

In the 10 days following The Big Reveal, our Prospective CEOs and their aides go through an intense program designed to immerse them in the wicked problems, focus their energy and spark new ideas.

What does success look like? Success, for us and for the world, is a new, funded venture delivering products or services to a hungry market in a way that delivers value to investors (return on investment) and value to the world (impact). But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and new ventures that deliver ROI and impact won’t be created in 10 days. We expect Prospective CEOs to create new, funded companies in nine months. We expect ROI and Impact, but we don’t expect to see this before years have passed.

Get Involved

We’re always looking for people to help us confront the world’s wicked problems. 10.10.10 is built on a unique model that requires a diverse group of talented individuals to assist our Prospective CEOs.

ProbLEm Advocates

Problem Advocates have often dedicated their lives and careers to understanding these wicked problems. They articulate the pain caused by a problem, help others understand how people are affected by it and serve as the champions helping to secure resources that can be used to create new approaches and solutions.


Validators are entities and individuals that intimately understand the kinds of problems we are addressing in a particular 10.10.10 program. They validate that Wicked Problems are indeed Wicked Problems. They also validate alternative approaches an entrepreneur might take to solving these problems.


Ninjas offer heavyweight assistance. They are experienced professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Much like a co-founder in a start-up, Ninja's gather data and interpret information, engage in ideation, modeling and more – all critical early-stage company needs.


Volunteers are an invaluable asset. We need wicked motivated people to help us. Are you ready to help change the world?


What will you do next?

Our Prospective CEOs have already founded a successful company. They are sharp, seasoned visionaries. They have grit. Most importantly, they are still hungry, searching for another all-consuming challenge. They come to 10.10.10 for ideas, inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. They come to begin their due diligence, testing new venture ideas for value before they decide to invest the next chapter of their lives – 5, 10 or 15 years. It can be devastating to invest years of your life in a thing you wish you hadn’t started in the first place. They know this too well.

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What's a Wicked Problem?

Complex. Malignant. Nebulous. Profound… and that’s just the beginning.

A problem doesn’t achieve wicked status just because it’s really big or really difficult. Building a skyscraper is a huge and complex problem. Deriving the field equations for Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is extraordinarily hard to do. But neither are wicked problems. Wickedness is not a matter of degree.

First outlined by two Berkeley professor in 1973, wicked problems elude description and defy solution. They stem from numerous causes, spread in in every direction and tend to become entangled with other wicked problems. What’s worse, conventional approaches to addressing them usually just make things worse. They can be a societal scourge, such as poverty, or a seemingly more specific problem, like Alzheimer’s disease.