How 10.10.10 Health Produced A Transformative Healthcare Company

DENVER, Colo. — “I was in the process of shutting down my company. Sitting on the couch, staring at the wall, and everything was dark.”

At a recent meet-up in Denver, Cheryl Kellond explained the impasse she had faced as the co-founder and CEO of Bia Sport. Chancing on a LinkedIn post, she learned of the pioneering venture generator 10.10.10 Health, which had just been launched by serial entrepreneur Tom Higley. Her decision to apply would lead her to cofound a transformative healthcare company.

10 Prospective CEOs, 10 Wicked Problems, 10 Days. This is the heart of 10.10.10. (Read the CyberMed News profile of 10.10.10 Health here.) Prospective CEOs with previous start-up experience are invited to commit to the program without knowing the 10 wicked problems they will be asked to consider. After signing on, Kellond quickly learned how important her skills would be.


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