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Roles & opportunities

We’re always looking for people to help us confront the world’s wicked problems. 10.10.10 is build on a unique model that requires a diverse group of talented individuals to assist our Prospective CEOs.

ProblEm Advocates

Problem Advocates keep everyone focused. They have often dedicated their careers to one of these wicked problems, and they help others understand how people are affected by them. Problem Advocates also help to secure resources to create new approaches and solutions.


Validators provide wise counsel. They are individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions with deep expertise, market knowledge and know-how. It they experience the pain of a problem themselves, they can even become initial customers for solutions.


Ninjas offer heavyweight assistance. They are experienced professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Much like a co-founder in a start-up, Ninja's gather data and interpret information, engage in ideation, modeling and more – all critical early-stage company needs.


Volunteers are an invaluable asset. We need wicked motivated people to help us. Are you ready to help change the world?