Denver, CO, October 16, 2017–10.10.10, a nonprofit organization and “problem solving machine,” invites 10 successful serial entrepreneurs to come together for 10 days to explore breakthrough solutions to 10 wicked problems. On October 16th, the organization will launch its first ever Cities program. The program is designed to address “wicked problems” cities will face over the next 50 years by developing new ventures. 10.10.10’s Cities program is proud to be supported this year by the Gates Family Foundation and Walton Family Foundation.

Cities are complex adaptive systems, and they are experiencing accelerated growth. The world’s urban areas are now home to more than 50% of the world’s population – a figure that is projected to grow to 75% by mid-century. This accelerated growth also means an increased strain on resources — particularly when it comes to ensuring that these urban areas have a clean, safe, and reliable water supply. 10.10.10 recognizes and breaks down the barriers to innovation that have made problems within cities harder to solve. Through the 10.10.10 Cities program, successful entrepreneurs come together – by special invitation – to listen and to learn about the problems cities throughout the world are facing and to develop new ventures that provide solutions to these problems.

Each 10.10.10 program provides a unique opportunity to 10 serial entrepreneurs who plan to use their considerable experience to create new ventures that deliver both economic benefit and social good. This 10.10.10 Cities entrepreneurial cohort will tackle wicked problems in water and infrastructure, problems that have been supplied by organizations and institutions with substantial domain experience. They rely on the insight and support of “validators” like Denver Water, with an appetite for innovation and a reputation as one of the best-managed water utilities in the country; Water for People; The Nature Conservancy; The Colorado Foundation for Water Education; AECOM; Xcel; Imagine H2O; American Water Works Association; Colorado Water Conservation Board and more.Through the 10-day program, the entrepreneurs lay a strong foundation that supports up to 12 months of additional work dedicated to the creation of a new venture. This program and process has caused 10.10.10 to become known as the world’s first “venture generator.”

Tom Higley, Founder and CEO of 10.10.10 stated, “Entrepreneurs typically build their next ventures based on something that captures their interest, attention and passion. Our entrepreneurs participate in 10.10.10 to focus on things that matter – to them and to the world. Water, infrastructure and health are great places to start. Each of our partners understands that more of the world’s population is moving to urban areas, that water and infrastructure have become critical resources that cities cannot ignore or take for granted. We are incredibly fortunate to partner with cities and validators in a way that brings the attention of entrepreneurs and investors to problems and opportunities in water and infrastructure. This is, in so many ways, a new frontier.”

Support for the 10.10.10 Cities program is provided by the Gates Family Foundation and Walton Family Foundation, whose experience and innovation in the areas of water and infrastructure will serve as a resource for the 10 entrepreneurs to help them understand these wicked problems and secure the resources and knowledge required for the development of new solutions and approaches.

At the Walton Family Foundation, “We seek creative solutions to ensure a healthy Colorado River that sustains agriculture and provides clean, safe and reliable drinking water for growing cities like Denver,” says Jill Ozarski of the Walton Family Foundation. “We must embrace a new phase of collaboration, innovation and flexibility when it comes to how we manage our water. That is why we’re proud to support 10.10.10 and welcome its entrepreneurs as they seek to develop creative, forward-looking solutions and be a model for innovative, collaborative problem-solving well beyond the Southwest.”

“Responsible stewardship of Colorado’s natural resources is a critical challenge facing our state, now and into the future,” said Tom Gougeon, President, Gates Family Foundation. “Innovation, collaboration, and balanced management of Colorado’s water resources will be needed to ensure long-term quality of life in this extraordinary place for future generations. We are eager to hear the creative ideas and solutions generated by 10.10.10 and its entrepreneurs, as they bring new perspectives to these important issues.”

10.10.10 continues to innovate the ways that shape entrepreneurial solutions to wicked problems and looks forward to supporting the journeys of this year’s cities program cohort of entrepreneurs.

For more information about 10.10.10 Cities and to see the schedule of events for this years program visit: 101010.net.

About​ ​10.10.10:
10.10.10 is a 501(c)3 organization that connects startup communities to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors throughout the country. 10.10.10 is: ● 10 Wicked Problems ● 10 Prospective CEOs (from all over the United States) ● 10 days spent together exploring market-based solutions During the 10 days, prospective CEOs connect with each other, with 20+ Validators (primarily large organizations and institutions that understand the wicked problem area and the market need) and with 20-30 Ninjas, persons with the skills to support the creation of new ventures. In 2017, more than 50 members of Validator organizations participated in the 10.10.10 Health program.

About​ ​the​ ​Gates​ ​Family​ ​Foundation:
The Gates Family Foundation is committed to advancing long-term quality of life for all Coloradans, through support for educational equity, vibrant and sustainable communities, and stewardship of our state’s extraordinary natural resources. Gates is one of Colorado’s oldest private foundations, having invested more than $384 million in philanthropic activities since 1946.

About​ ​the​ ​Walton​ ​Family​ ​Foundation​ ​and​ ​its​ ​Environmental​ ​Initiatives:
At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe that conservation solutions that make economic sense stand the test of time. We work to achieve lasting change by creating new and unexpected partnerships among conservation, business and community interests to build durable solutions to important problems. Through its environment initiatives, the foundation is investing in two of the most important conservation issues of our time: restoring the health of the oceans through sustainable fisheries and preserving functioning rivers and the quality and availability of fresh water they provide. This work spans four initiatives: Oceans, Colorado River, Mississippi River and Coastal Gulf of Mexico. Learn more at: www.waltonfamilyfoundation.org.

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