10.10.10 Announces First of Its Kind Data Repository to Support Health Innovation Entrepreneurs

Denver, CO, June 5, 2017–10.10.10, the Denver-based non-profit Venture Generator, today announced an agreement with the leaders of Colorado’s health innovation ecosystem that will – for the first time ever – give participating entrepreneurs in the yearly 10.10.10 program access to a data innovation “test bed” for pilot testing new digital health innovations.

This test bed is one of Colorado’s most comprehensive resources of health care claims and outcomes data. While initially available to 10.10.10 entrepreneurs this June, the goal will be to provide enhanced access to other entrepreneurs in the Colorado health innovation ecosystem.

“Today we revealed our new list of Wicked Problems for participating entrepreneurs to solve during our June program. Many of them have access to outcomes and cost data at their solution core. A key hurdle to develop new health innovations that lower costs and improve outcomes has been access to health data to pilot test new analytical software.  The Colorado Office of eHealth and Innovation identified this test bed as one of the key requirements to enable innovation to improve the health of citizens of the State. This 10.10.10 Test Bed is an invaluable tool for the prospective entrepreneurs of 10.10.10 Health 2017 and other collaborators.” said Jeffrey Nathanson, President of 10.10.10 and one of the leaders of Colorado’s national leading Health Innovation ecosystem.

“Data is the currency driving person centric healthcare,”  said Frank Ricotta, CEO BurstIQ. “The convergence of the digital health innovations, the amazing strides in precision medicine, and the rapid acceleration of machine intelligence will usher in a new age in health. We are excited to be working with CIVCH, CORHIO and 10.10.10 to provide a secure and open data environment designed to help entrepreneurs create new solutions that accelerate this revolution.”

The leading Colorado health companies supporting this program include: Colorado’s Health Information Exchange, the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (“CIVHC”), the Administrator of the Colorado All Payer Claims Database (“APCD”), the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (“CORHIO“) – one of the country’s largest and most successful health information exchange (HIE) networks focused on Colorado health outcomes data – and BurstIQ(the first company created through 10.10.10’s Health program), a leader in the use of blockchain technology to support health data analysis and security. This collaboration is dedicated to improving innovative access to quality, affordable and integrated healthcare data for Colorado and the nation.

Mary Anne Leach, Director, Office of eHealth Innovation stated, “This new test data will represent yet another unique data asset for Colorado. It will enable our innovators to develop and test their products, and will help our state advance the analytics solutions we need to transform our industry.”

“Unlocking the doors to these invaluable data silos to talented entrepreneurs with the technical horsepower to develop insights, products and companies signifies a sea change in healthcare culture and a plethora of new opportunities on the horizon,” stated Brendan Marshall, participant at 10.10.10’s 2016 program. “This unprecedented program also signifies the great work and progress Tom Higley and his team at 10.10.10 have made in leading this shift towards collaboration of talent and resources. Perhaps the accelerating momentum towards a healthier future will solve some of our wicked problems after all. As an alum of the program, I am filled with optimism and applaud these efforts.”

10.10.10, a startup organization itself, promotes market-based solutions to the world’s “Wicked Problems.” The CO APCD and CORHIO will help enhance this growing network by providing 10.10.10 and its participating entrepreneurs with unique health care claims and outcomes data to solve “Wicked Problems,” furthering their efforts to deliver the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs.

For more information visit: 10.10.10.net.

About 10.10.10:

Founded by Colorado entrepreneur Tom Higley, 10.10.10 helps connect startup communities to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors throughout the country. 10.10.10 is:

● 10 Wicked Problems (with significant market opportunity)

● 10 Prospective CEOs (from all over the United States, each of them looking for their next big thing)

● 10 days spent together exploring marketable solutions that can form the basis for creating fundable companies

During the 10 days, these prospective CEOs connect with each other and with 10-20 Validators (for profit and nonprofit companies, thought leaders, researchers and others who understand the need and the market)

About BurstIQ:

BurstIQ is the health data platform you can trust.  We securely connect people to data for care, for health, for life…every day and all the time. Our blockchain-based intelligence platform enables our customers to confidently share information, create new care delivery models, and engage individuals in a smart and consumer-centric way.   The BurstIQ approach disrupts old value chains; creating new revenue opportunities, reducing costs, and expanding access.  More importantly, the platform establishes the foundation for a new person-centric health economy, one in which the individual owns their data.  After all, it’s not just data; it’s personal.

About CIVHC:

The Center for Improving Value in Health Care (civhc.org) is a not-for-profit organization that supports individuals, communities, and organizations advancing the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. We believe that together we can alter the trajectory of health care and we are privileged to serve those striving toward a better health system for us all. Through professional services, health data, and analytics, we partner with Change Agents to drive towards the Triple Aim for all Coloradans.


CORHIO empowers people, providers and communities by providing the information they need to improve health. Improving health through enhanced use of information technology and data exchange is the heart of what we do. We manage one of the country’s largest and most successful health information exchange (HIE) networks, provide advisory services that help healthcare professionals effectively use technology and improve care delivery, and supply health plans and accountable care organizations (ACOs) with valuable data that enhance analytics and population health programs. As an independent, nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to serving all of Colorado’s healthcare stakeholders including physicians, hospitals, behavioral health, emergency medical services, public health, long-term care, laboratories, imaging centers, health plans, communities and patients.

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