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10.10.10 Announces Its Most Diverse Group of Entrepreneurs for Its June 2017 Health Program

Denver, CO, June 6, 2017–10.10.10, the Denver-based non-profit Venture Generator, today announced the 10 Prospective CEOs, successful entrepreneurs from across the United States that will make up the third cohort of 10.10.10 Health. Its most diverse array of entrepreneurs thus far, this year’s cohort celebrates a range of minorities and women, seeking to promote diversity within the health and technology sector. Over the course of 10 days these CEOS will come together to explore, discover, understand and confront 10 wicked problems in health with the ultimate goal to create a new venture based on a new product or service that can change the world. The 10 CEOS began the 10 day program on June 5th.

“Our program has been designed to identify serial entrepreneurs, prospective CEOs, and give them the tools and context to identify extraordinary opportunities that may live outside their life experience,” said Tom Higley, 10.10.10’s Founder & CEO. “Each year, we learn more about how to support these remarkable people with the resources they need to explore and develop market based ventures that address wicked problems.”

Since the program launched in June 2015, 20 entrepreneurs have graduated from 10.10.10’s health program. In total, the entrepreneurs have created 5 new ventures, raised millions in funding, and have helped to craft solutions to wicked problems in health.

Spencer Hutchins, Founder and CEO of Concert Health and Former 10.10.10 Alum stated, “10.10.10 is a phenomenal Venture Generator. The structure of program, coupled with the energy and expertise of their network of supporters helped accelerate my learning about the US-behavioral health system by 10x. Concert Health would not exist without my time there, and I am excited to see what amazing ventures comes out of the program this year.”

“The 10 CEOs will experience a life changing event over the next 10 days. The program will challenge them intellectually, it will expand how they see the world, it will unfold a sea of endless possibilities, and they will be forever changed. ” said Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ and Former 10.10.10 Alum. “10 days in many aspects seems like a long time, but in other ways, it was not long enough. BurstIQ was the first company to launch from the inaugural program in 2015.  During those 10 days we set the foundation that accelerated the company’s development. More importantly, during those 10 days, I developed a bond with my cohort CEOs that will last a lifetime, several are now some of my dearest friends.”

The members of the third 10.10.10 Health program are:

The applicant selection criteria was developed to rigorously filter serial entrepreneurs and target those sharp, seasonal visionaries, seeking their next all-consuming challenge. 10.10.10’s criteria for prospective CEOs includes an ability to articulate a vision internally and externally, an ability to attract and retain top talent and an ability to secure the capital and other resources a new venture will need to be successful. These entrepreneurs come to 10.10.10 to be challenged, inspired and supported in quest to identify their next venture opportunity. They come to begin their due diligence, testing new venture ideas for value before they decide to invest the next chapter of their lives – 5, 10 or 15 years.

For more information and the schedule of the June 2017 event please visit: 10.10.10.net.

About 10.10.10:

Founded by Colorado entrepreneur Tom Higley, 10.10.10 helps connect startup communities to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors throughout the country. 10.10.10 is:

● 10 Wicked Problems (with significant market opportunity)

● 10 Prospective CEOs (from all over the United States, each of them looking for their next big thing)

● 10 days spent together exploring marketable solutions that can form the basis for creating fundable companies

During the 10 days, these prospective CEOs connect with each other and with 20+ Validators (primarily large organizations and institutions that understand the wicked problem area and the market need).

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