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10.10.10 HEALTH creates platform to take entrepreneurial approach to 10 “wicked” health problems

DENVER, CO (June 20, 2016) – 10.10.10 Health powered by The Colorado Health Foundation, captures the attention of the Denver community with today’s Big Reveal at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Ten successful prospective CEOs from around the country have come together for the next 10 days to tap into their experience and creativity to explore market-based solutions to 10 “wicked” health problems in a program founded by Denver entrepreneur Tom Higley.

“10.10.10 Health is back and with it a growing sense that entrepreneurs hold the key to tackling some of the world’s wicked problems,” 10.10.10 founder Tom Higley said. “The next 10 days will be inspiring, and I hope that the community will join us in exploring these problems and how they can be addressed.”

In a video statement, Susannah Fox from US Health and Human Services, welcomed participants and brought to light how innovation is driving great change in health, and initiatives like 10.10.10 are leading the way.

The Colorado Health Foundation has partnered with 10.10.10 Health as part of its efforts to actively engage the private sector in initiatives that will improve the health of Colorado.

“The Foundation is excited to be a part of this year’s 10.10.10 Health. We understand that solutions to some wicked health problems can be solved by bringing together impact entrepreneurs, and believe the 10.10.10 event will once again bring attention to our state’s health issues,” said Amy Latham, vice president of Philanthropy, the Colorado Health Foundation.

Also present today was previous 10.10.10 prospective CEO Frank Ricotta who, as a result of 10.10.10, is now the successful founder and CEO of BurstIQ.

“There’s nothing like 10.10.10 on the planet. The prospective CEOs can expect to be challenged intellectually, professionally, and personally. They’re called wicked problems for a reason,” said Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, the first company to spin out of the inaugural program. “But they can also expect to be surrounded by a wicked team whose only purpose is to help them solve these problems. Many of the individuals they meet will become lifelong friends. From my own experience, the relationships I attribute to 10.10.10 accelerated the development of BurstIQ at least 18 months.”

This year’s 10 wicked problems include:

1. The Nexus of Homelessness, Housing and Health

2. Alzheimer’s Disease

3. Childhood Obesity

4. Improving Healthcare Quality: Narrowing the chasm between the care we expect and the care we receive

5. Health Literacy, Insurance and Decision Making: Reducing the cost of healthcare delivery through improved health literacy

6. Chronic Pain Management

7. Aging

8. Mental Health Management

9. Reducing the Administrative Burden

10. Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)

The 10 participating prospective CEOs are:

Hector Rodriguez, Denver, Colorado

Hector is a senior leadership executive in enterprise software, new technologies and cloud, company builder and entrepreneur. 20+ years of international leadership experience, including 7 years as part of the executive team of Accenture Strategy.

Spencer Hutchings, San Diego, California

Spencer is a serial digital medicine entrepreneur. He co-founded Reflexion Health, where he served as CEO for three years, achieving FDA clearance for Vera, a tele-rehab product used by some of the most progressive orthopedic and rehab programs in the United States.

Brendan Marshall, San Francisco, California

Brendan is a technology entrepreneur based in San Francisco who specializes in marketplaces. Most recently, Brendan was Kitchit’s co-founder and CEO, a chef marketplace for in home dining experiences. Under his leadership, he oversaw its growth into four US markets as an internationally awarded lifestyle brand at the forefront of the food and hospitality industries.

Pam Nurrie, Boulder, Colorado

Pam is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in many companies as Founder/CEO, one of which was highly successful with a twenty-year run and a prosperous exit. Pam currently owns P3BC, a performance business counseling firm with a proven track record of assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world to develop successful pivots, implement strategies to create, grow and sustain a lucrative business, and reach their peak potential by focusing on people, process, and profit.

Kenneth Bellian, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Bellian has spent his career in various clinical and administrative roles in healthcare over the last 18 years. He is dedicated to ensuring high quality, patient and family centered care delivered in a cost effective and timely manner. He has a deep understanding of the complex challenges that exist in healthcare, the stakeholders who are vested in the problems, and the opportunities that avail themselves to deliver disruptive solutions.

Majid Boroujerdi, Washington, DC

Majid comes with a unique set of experiences. He managed a $400M business at Procter and Gamble and co-founded a behavior change company focused on weight loss. In addition, Majid has tremendous expertise in both product management and marketing. He started as a chemical engineer at Procter and Gamble and eventually gained experience in new business development, consumer research and product marketing.

Eric Marcoullier, Boulder, Colorado

Eric has been starting companies since he dropped out of college in 1995. Some have ended well, plenty have flamed out. His primary focuses have involved the consumer web, videogames and software APIs. He currently co-owns a web and mobile development company.

Philip Stehlik, San Francisco, California

Philip has worked in startups since the early 2000s. After his move from Germany to San Francisco in 2006, he worked with a variety of companies in social media, mobile, fintech and enterprise software. He started multiple companies, raised angel and VC funding, led projects to acquisition and most recently was the CTO of Taulia, which he co-founded in 2009.

Doug Kittelsen, Evergreen, Colorado

Doug has broad executive experience in the financial services, public relations, and telecommunications industries. His proven track record of aligning a company’s products with the market need has allowed Doug to create market-dominating products and substantial returns for the stakeholders of each company he has led.

Cathy Caplener, Los Angeles, California

A visionary communications entrepreneur with 27 years of experience, 19 of which she has run her own company, Be Cause PR. Cathy provides narrative to shape societies and communities.

Additional organizations and people involved in this year’s 10.10.10 are Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved, Medical Group Management Association, Colorado Health Institute, representatives from US Health and Human Services and more.

Two additional events will be open to the public and provide an opportunity for the Denver community to learn more about innovation in health and the experience of the 10 entrepreneurs. A mid-point event on June 24th at Anschutz Medical Campus will include noteworthy speakers and an overview of the “sprint” process the 10 entrepreneurs will be undertaking leading up to June 30th. The i3 (Intention, Inception, Impact) event will take place on June 30th at EXDO Event Center, where the 10 entrepreneurs will present their 10 day experience and their intentions moving forward.

For more information on 10.10.10, including the schedule, and to purchase tickets to events throughout the week

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