1O.1O.1O. Success Stories | Apostrophe Health

Apostrophe Health

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Cheryl Kellond (2015 1O.1O.1O Prospective CEO)/Julia Hutchins/Kathy Keating

Summary: Apostrophe administers self-insured employer healthcare plans, providing best practices to employers while delivering high-quality care and big-company benefits to employees.  The company’s platform helps employers manage self-funded plans more efficiently with such stand-out features as a streamlined provider payment process, more transparent pricing and in-demand employee benefits such as an on-call healthcare concierge service.

Newsworthy achievements: After running a pilot program with 20 rural school districts in Colorado that saved $250,000 in healthcare costs, the company launched its full platform in January 2018. The company has now raised more than $6.5mm in capital.