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Burst IQ

Year Founded: 2015

Founder: Frank Ricotta

Summary: BurstIQ™ is a healthcare blockchain data company. The company offers a HIPAA-compliant platform that leverages blockchain, advanced security, Big Data capabilities and machine intelligence to enable healthcare businesses and individuals to access, understand, and control their health data.  The BurstIQ Ecosystem allows people and businesses to transact through a network of marketplaces for personalized products and services, value-added B2B services, research opportunities, and peer-to-peer networks. The BurstIQ platform and Ecosystem work together to improve the security of health data, increase health access and personal empowerment, reduce healthcare costs, and enable new insights and care models. 

Newsworthy achievements: In February 2018, BurstIQ secured $5 million in funding from Millennium Blockchain to support its growth. The funding was part of the company’s Initial Coin Offering.