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Recalibrate Solutions

Year Founded: 2017

Founder: Bryon Bhagwandin

Summary:  Recalibrate Solutions, PBC is a Denver based medical device company focused on changing the life- trajectory of children experiencing toxic stress. The Company launched from the 2017, 10.10.10 Health program incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in Q1 2018. Recalibrate Solutions is developing a small device that can be used to assess health of the stress response system from bio-markers in saliva.

Newsworthy achievements:Recalibrate Solutions has raised seed financing and were recently awarded a $25K grant from the Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics. At present, Recalibrate Solutions is actively developing a disposable test-assay for saliva-based cortisol. A fully-functional prototype-system for testing free-cortisol in saliva is expected to be complete in Q2 2019.