Who We Are

1O.1O.1O, a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, hosted its first program in 2015. Since then, over the course of three years and four programs, 1O.1O.1O has identified and explored wicked problems in key sectors – including health, water and infrastructure. It has engaged a growing community of interest – including 40 serial entrepreneurs, 40+ Validators, and well over 100 Ninjas. The result: participants develop an understanding of wicked problems in health, water and infrastructure, inspiring them to tackle these problems in new ways.

Vision: Why We Exist

We exist because wicked problems abound and persist. We exist because too many exceptionally talented entrepreneurs invest their lives in worthless endeavors, underestimating their potential to create extraordinary value in the world.  We exist because wicked problems in health, water, food, energy, learning, infrastructure, waste, security and climate change cannot and will not be addressed effectively by government, large industry or research institutions. We exist to inspire both serial entrepreneurs and large organizations and institutions to work together to address these wicked problems with market-based solutions.  We turn serial entrepreneurs and investors into a lever that philanthropy and large industry can use for generating both return on investment and impact.

Program: What We Do

1O.1O.1O provides programs that educate the public and inspire entrepreneurs who will address wicked problems that impact cities and people throughout the world. Each program includes 1O wicked problems within a particular sector. For each program, we invite 1O successful serial entrepreneurs who plan to start a new venture within the next 12 months. They then come together over the course of 1O days to explore these problems with the support of large organizations and institutions that understand the sector and the system within which the problems exist. Our goal as an organization is the creation of new, market-based ventures that address the world’s wicked problems.

Wicked problems defy simple definition. They exist within complex adaptive systems that are resilient and resistant to change. Organizations operating within these systems are largely powerless to develop solutions, yet they are often capable of suppressing potential solutions developed by others. The organizations that support 1O.1O.1O break this cycle by contributing their understanding and know-how to support a deeper understanding of wicked problems within a given sector and the creation of new ventures that can begin to deliver value and impact.

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Results : Recent History
and Future Plans

1O.1O.1O convened its first program in 2015 with the support of The Colorado Health Foundation and several other key partners in the first program of its kind, 1O.1O.1O Health. The successful February 2015 health program has been followed by three additional successful health programs in 2016, 2017 and 2018. With support from the Walton Family Foundation and Gates Family Foundation, 1O.1O.1O Cities (Water and Infrastructure) launched for the first time October 2017. To date, eight new ventures have been created through the program and by 2025, the organization has plans to host programs in 1O cities, producing up to 100 new ventures per year.

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