The entrepreneurs who launched these businesses came to 10.10.10 for ideas, inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. They did their due diligence. They tested new venture ideas for value before they decided to invest the next chapter of their lives. These companies are the result.

Concert Health (Spencer Hutchins, Health 2016) helps physicians integrate screening, therapy & psychiatric consultations into their practice and adopt Medicare’s Collaborative Care Management.

BurstIQ (Frank Ricotta, Health 2015) connects any data from any source in a global network of businesses, researchers and people – all connected directly to each other. Since BurstIQ was founded in 2015, the platform has grown into a full end-to-end blockchain enablement system, with blockchain-based big data management, consent and data sharing, cognitive computing, monetization and global data exchange. Our customers use the BurstIQ blockchain platform to build more, sell more, innovate more.

AI Health (Doug Kittelsen & Ken Bellian, Health 2016) created GettingHome™, a post-acute care logistics platform that offers the needed marketing, patient bidding and placement, best practices compliance tools and related technology. It is based on a consortium model that allows the post-acute care agencies to maintain their independence while gaining access to new patient flow, best-of-breed technologies and best practices.

Apostrophe Health (Cheryl Kellond, Health 2015) is part technology startup and part healthcare disruptor. Their team consists of a health insurance co-op exec, a consumer startup vet, a technologist, and a certified medical coach. They closed a $5.25 million seed round in October 2018.

Spout (Ari Kaufman, Water & Infrastructure 2017) provides actionable data on public drinking. Spout crowd-sources real-time results about water consumed in the home.

Recalibrate Solutions (Bryon Bhagwandin, Health 2017) works to prevent lifelong adverse consequences of toxic stress exposure by developing and deploying a home-based system to objectively detect clinically-relevant deviations in stress system functioning.

Upsuite (Ben Wright, Water & Infrastructure 2017) is an online marketplace that makes it easy for teams to find the best coworking spaces, connecting businesses, governments, citizens and more to design a more connected, approachable and technologically advanced city.

HeyHerbie (Ashish Mudgal, Health 2018) is a platform that will curate the best digital tools to meet individual requirements for healthy living. Unlike other platforms, older adults will understand and appreciate our simple technological interface.”

Wellsphere (William Tara, Health 2018) helps families understand and promote mental health and wellness.  Our approach is based on well-established clinical science and technology.  We put our solution in the hands of those best suited to understand, care and respond – families. Our platform also provides mental health referrals, monitoring of treatment progress and resiliency coaching to maintain family health.

Legacy Foundry (Sean Kennedy, Health 2018) is a financial technology company focused on the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next.  We promote trust and drive engagement between generations by challenging the taboos around talking about death.  Through goal setting and conversation about finances and quality of life wishes, Legacy drives transparency that eases the burden of difficult decisions when one generation passes on.  We provide a platform for wealth management firms to offer holistic services to their clients to drive engagement with the next generations and increase retention of assets from one generation to the next.

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