1O.1O.1O. Cities (Health) 2018

1O.1O.1O Cities (Health) 2018 | May 7-17

We invited 10 successful entrepreneurs – our “Prospective CEOs” – to join us for 10 days to address wicked problems and opportunities that matter to Cities. We challenged these 10 Prospective CEOs with 10 wicked problems in health to identify market-based solutions that may become their new ventures.

Meet our Prospective CEOs and read about the Wicked Problems they addressed.

Proposed market-based solutions from the Prospective CEOs included:


  • A data-driven early warning system for identifying and responding to teen mental health
    crises (Wicked Problem: Inability to provide timely behavioral health interventions to avoid crisis)
  • A data clearinghouse to support low-friction data-sharing between medical providers and personal health records (Wicked Problems: Lack of data liquidity and Health is Uncoordinated and Complicated)
  • A tool that provides a single place for developing, storing and sharing end-of-life and legacy wishes (Wicked Problem: Reluctance and unwillingness to talk about death and dying)
  • A tool that helps keep aging individuals safely in their homes longer (Wicked Problem: Increasing demand and lack of affordable long-term care)
  • A market-rate affordable housing investment vehicle (Wicked Problem: Lack of affordable real estate)
  • A co-working space for neurodiverse individuals and the companies that employ them (Wicked Problem: Inability to provide timely behavioral health interventions to avoid crisis)
  • A chronic disease management and educational tool (Wicked Problem: Healthcare is uncoordinated and complex)
  • A social cause and community action platform for teens (Wicked Problem: Inability to provide timely behavioral health interventions to avoid crisis)

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