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1O.1O.1O Cities 2017

The Big Reveal | Monday, October 16 | 4pm – 5:30pm with reception to follow | McNichols Civic Center Building

Join us for the 10.10.10 Cities 2017 Big Reveal! 10 wicked problems in water & infrastructure will be unveiled and 10 serial entrepreneurs that will look to build new ventures that tackle these wicked problems will be introduced. The Big Reveal will kickoff our 10-day program. where the 10 Prospective CEOs (serial entrepreneurs) will be surrounded by teams of Ninjas (ad-hoc start-up support members), Validators (subject matter experts) and the Denver community. Join us for the exciting kickoff event and to learn how you can support the 10 Prospective CEOs as they look to create their new venture!

Finale | Thursday, October 26 | 4pm – 5:30pm with reception to follow | The Cable Center

Join us for the culminating event of 10.10.10 Cities 2017 as 10 Prospective CEOs share what they learned about the 10 wicked problems in water & infrastructure, which problem(s) they chose to focus on, and what their intentions are moving forward. You won’t want to miss the exciting presentations and hear first hand from those that may be creating new ventures that tackle wicked problems that face cities around the world!

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