This year’s 10.10.10 programme has started and it’s got water and infrastructure in its sights

There’s a buzz around smart cities and it’s got something to do with the energy of experimentation, start-ups, accelerators, competitions, hackathons, disruptors, digital pioneers, new ideas et al. And while for many entrepreneurs the smart city movement offers them a first foray into business, in Denver, Colorado, a small group of serial, highly successful and very well-seasoned entrepreneurs are about to turn their business acumen to the smart city space.

10 entrepreneurs have 10 days to tackle 10 ‘wicked problems’ in water, infrastructure. Go.

Sometimes, seemingly intractable, “wicked problems" need an outsider to break through with a solution. That’s the idea behind the 10.10.10 initiative, a nonprofit founded by local serial entrepreneur Tom Higley, who brings together 10 experienced entrepreneurs from Colorado and across the country to discuss 10 “wicked problems” over a period of 10 days.


The ranks of entrepreneurs, including successful serial entrepreneurs, are increasing. And we have begun to see signs of a new ‘new thing’–the belief that entrepreneurs hold the key to tackling some of the world’s wicked problems.