1O.1O.1O invites 1O successful serial entrepreneurs from across the United States (our “prospective CEOs”) to spend 1O days together tackling 1O wicked problems. Each of these prospective CEOs already had plans to create a new company. We challenge them to create new ventures that can change the world.
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Future Programs

1O.1O.1O tackles wicked problems across health, water, infrastructure, food, learning, energy, security and waste. Each program presents 10 vetted wicked problems to 10 hand-selected entrepreneurs.
Interested in joining us as a Prospective CEO, Ninja, Validator, Wicked Problem Advocate or Sponsor? Click here to learn more about the roles involved, and to propose a wicked problem.
1O.1O.1O will roll out into nine more cities with two programs per year, by 2025.

Past Programs

1O.1O.1O has served as the inspiration for seven ventures from past cohorts that have raised millions in funding, including BurstIQ, Apostrophe Health, Concert Health, Microlyze, Upsuite, Recalibrate Solutions, and Hey Herbie. We have challenged and encouraged these leaders, who have gone on to create the global entrepreneurial network, Women WhoStartup and have assumed key positions in other entrepreneurial organizations, including Singularity University Ventures and Techstars Sustainability (with The Nature Conservancy). And we have engaged 50 serial entrepreneurs, more than 60 Validators and more than 100 Ninjas.

Your City

Interested in bringing 1O.1O.1O to your city?
Here’s how 1O.1O.1O helps cities build entrepreneurial ecosystems and solve Wicked Problems locally:
• Creates a pipeline of ventures for investment
• Connects Your City as a key node on a growing 1O.1O.1O Cities network
• Brings some of the best entrepreneurs in the U.S. to Your City
• Energizes and makes accessible a network of local and national organizations from private and nonprofit sectors focused and poised to solve Wicked Problems
• Gives Your City access to a clearinghouse of research on Wicked Problems
• Provides new ways of thinking about addressing Wicked Problems that generate both ROI & Impact
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