Entrepreneurial Due Diligence

Serial entrepreneurs are investors too. They invest time, energy attention. They need a “founder due diligence process” – a way to explore and assess opportunity and risk before they invest the next five, 10 or 15 years of their lives. An entrepreneurial due diligence process helps great entrepreneurs make better decisions when they choose their next opportunity.  This is hugely important – to entrepreneurs, to investors and to the world.

Founder Opportunity Fit

Just as startups have needs that are very different than large, established organizations, entrepreneurs in pre-startup mode have needs that are very different than those of startups. Serial entrepreneurs are searching for an opportunity. And while there are no shortage of opportunities, not just any opportunity will do. The opportunity they choose must offer the right “fit” – for them.

Entrepreneurial due diligence, like investor due diligence, uses data and process to support better decision making and better outcomes.

We help prospective CEOs explore and reflect upon their personal values and perspectives. If an otherwise significant opportunity is inconsistent with the founding CEO’s values, it has little chance for success.  

The Bow-Tie

The entrepreneur’s journey doesn’t begin at the point a startup is launched; it starts well before that. We use the image of a bow-tie to illustrate the entrepreneur’s journey from idea formation to a liquidity event.

Our Process

Our founder due diligence process – Listen & Learn, Leverage & Launch – is designed to help our prospective CEOs make better decisions about their next venture.

Our prospective CEOs want to make the best possible decision about what they will do next.

These are the questions serial entrepreneurs need to ask:

Who am I? Who have I been? Who am I becoming? What do I value? What do I want to do with this next chapter of my life? What does success mean to me in this context?

Who is the customer? Do I care deeply about serving them? What is the problem? How much do I care about this problem? What solution will my venture deliver that will support a business and generate real impact?

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