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The Challenge

1O.1O.1O invites 1O successful serial entrepreneurs from across the United States (our “prospective CEOs”) to spend 1O days together tackling 1O wicked problems. Each of these prospective CEOs already had plans to create a new company. We challenge them to create new ventures that can change the world.

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For Prospective CEOs

What will you do next?

You have already founded at least one company. But you know you’re not finished. You’re still hungry. Still searching for another challenge worth your passion, time, energy, and commitment. You’ll invest your life in your next venture. We want to help you make a wise investment.

What most serial entrepreneurs need is a “founder due diligence process” – a way to explore opportunity and risk before they invest the next 5, 10 or 15 years of your life. You know too many friends and colleagues who plunged headlong into ventures they wished, later, they had never started in the first place. Long before you begin to think about “product market fit,” 1O.1O.1O helps you think about “founder-opportunity-fit.”

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Why We Do It: Two Things.

Thing One. Successful serial entrepreneurs don’t fully appreciate their abilities. The world needs their passion, talent, commitment, and experience.
Thing Two. Wicked Problems won’t solve themselves.

The talents of many of today’s best entrepreneurs are squandered because they lack any systematic or effective approach to “founder due diligence.”  Despite their experience, skill, and intelligence, many serial entrepreneurs discover a hard truth: they frequently start new companies that do not represent a good founder-opportunity-fit. Too late, they discover they’ve made poor decisions that lead to wasted years, wasted dollars and wasted opportunity. Their process for exploring their next venture was unequal to the task of identifying and evaluating the best opportunities and the related risks.

The world doesn’t need its best and brightest to build yet another app. It doesn’t need an Elon Musk to create a new sales tool. It needs the great entrepreneurs, who are able, to grapple with wicked problems – the sprawling, intractable issues that must be tamed if we’re going to build a better world. We need the best entrepreneurs. We need investors who will fund their ventures. We need new products and services for a hungry, waiting market. And we need new, viable, sustainable businesses that offer both return on investment and impact – benefits to the community, society and the world.

Wicked problems are too often left to governments, nonprofits, industrial giants and research institutions. Government, large organizations, and institutions will not solve these problems. We need new perspectives. We need outsiders with different points of view. We need successful serial entrepreneurs.

Wicked problems present tremendous business opportunities. This means entrepreneurs, investors and the market itself could take them on. But this can only be done with the right combination of entrepreneurial energy and insight. 1O.1O.1O harnesses this power and points it in the right direction. Prospective CEOs participate in 1O.1O.1O with the determination to build successful companies that attack wicked problems with market-based solutions.

What's a wicked problem?

Complex. Malignant. Nebulous. Profound… and that’s just the beginning.

A problem doesn’t achieve wicked status just because it’s really big or really difficult. Building a skyscraper is a huge and complex problem. Deriving the field equations for Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is extraordinarily hard to do. But neither are wicked problems. Wickedness is not a matter of degree.

First outlined by two Berkeley professors in 1973, wicked problems elude description and defy solution. They stem from numerous causes, spread in in every direction and tend to become entangled with other wicked problems. What’s worse, conventional approaches to addressing them usually just makes things worse. They can be a societal scourge, such as poverty, or a seemingly more specific problem, like Alzheimer’s disease.



We’re always looking for people to help us confront the world’s wicked problems. 10.10.10 is built on a unique model that requires a diverse group of talented individuals to assist our Prospective CEOs.


Problem Advocates have often dedicated their lives and careers to understanding these wicked problems. They articulate the pain caused by a problem, help others understand how people are affected by it and serve as the champions, securing resources that can be used to create new approaches and solutions.


Ninjas offer heavyweight assistance. They are experienced professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Much like a co-founder in a start-up, Ninja’s gather and interpret, engage in ideation, and modeling – all critical early-stage company needs.


Validators are entities and individuals that intimately understand the kinds of problems we are addressing in a program. They validate that Wicked Problems are indeed Wicked Problems. They also validate alternative approaches an entrepreneur might take to solving these problems.


Volunteers are an invaluable asset. We need wicked motivated people to help us. Are you ready to help change the world?


We need motivated people to help us. Join the movement.

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