We exist because wicked problems abound and persist. We exist because too many exceptionally talented entrepreneurs invest their lives in worthless endeavors, underestimating their potential to create extraordinary value in the world. We exist because wicked problems in health, water, food, energy, learning, infrastructure, waste, security and climate change cannot and will not be addressed effectively by government, large industry or research institutions. We exist to inspire both serial entrepreneurs and large organizations and institutions to work together to address these wicked problems with market-based solutions. We turn serial entrepreneurs into a lever that investors, philanthropists and large enterprises can use to generate both return on capital as well as impact.

Entrepreneurial Due Diligence & Life Decisions

The entrepreneurial due diligence process helps great entrepreneurs make better decisions when they choose their next opportunity.  This is hugely important – to entrepreneurs, to investors and to the world.
Just as startups have needs that are very different than large, established organizations, entrepreneurs in pre-startup mode have needs that are very different than those of startups. Serial entrepreneurs are searching for an opportunity that offers the right “fit” for them.

Tackling Wicked Problems

First outlined in 1973, wicked problems are like zombies. They’re deadline. And they just don’t seem to want to die, even when we do our very best to try to kill them.What’s worse, conventional approaches to addressing them usually just make things worse. They can be a societal scourge, such as homelessness, a complex natural and human systems problem like climate change, or an intractable biological problem like Alzheimer’s disease.