The Opportunity

A cohort of 1O Prospective CEOs, successful entrepreneurs from across the United States, come together for a 1O-day program to take on a monumental challenge: Turn 1O wicked problems into opportunities.
1O.1O.1O encourages each of these entrepreneurs to create a new venture that delivers a world-changing new product or service. At the end of each program, the entrepreneurs share their personal stories – why they came, what they learned, what they did and what they plan to do  over the next 12 months – and many of them start new ventures based on what they learned during the program.

The Program

Months  — and sometimes years — earlier, we begin identifying serial entrepreneurs and wicked problems. In the final months, we narrow our selection and extend invitations to select entrepreneurs to join us as Prospective CEOs. We fully vet the wicked problems with the research heft of our partners. We train Ninjas on systems mapping, lean startup methodologies and our proprietary Opportunity Generation processes. We recruit Validators who will provide feedback and insights to the Prospective CEOs.

Listen & Learn, Leverage & Launch

The 10.10.10 program hinges on four phases that comprise a founder due-diligence and opportunity generation process that begins with wicked problems and ends with the creation of a new venture.
LISTENing is the initial exploration of the wicked problems and the complex system, followed by LEARNing and collaboration, engaging with those who actually experience a wicked problem; looking for new answers to long unanswered questions.
Next, the entrepreneur develops a business concept that LEVERAGEs sources of “unfair advantage.” Then, probably some time after the 10-day program process has concluded and the entrepreneur has identified an opportunity that has a high degree of founder fit, the focus shifts toward a new venture LAUNCH.


At the end of 10 days, the entrepreneurs give presentations to an assembly of hundreds of people about why they came, what they learned, what they did, what they plan to do in the next 12 months and what they may need. Many of them turn the concepts they present at this Finale into new ventures. All of them are changed in valuable and important ways.