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We convene an exclusive, handpicked team of smart people with a track record of success, a thirst for significance and the audacity to “unpack” wicked problems and identify potential market-based solutions. By design, these aggregated groups offer participating entrepreneurs frictionless access to unique resources. This prompts entrepreneurs to identify an “unfair advantage” – something they need to find and create a sustainable business and the leverage point within a complex system that might allow their business to survive and thrive despite the system’s tendency to ignore or even eliminate the proposed solution.
Prospective CEOs

The 10 experienced entrepreneurs eager to make an impact who are selected to participate in the program.

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Industry experts and organizations who can offer guidance, information and resources to the Prospective CEOs.

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Problem Advocates

Individuals who are selected to pitch single wicked problems at the Big Reveal and act as an advocate throughout the program.

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Highly skilled individuals who work with the Prospective CEOs and Validators throughout the program—the ad-hoc startup team.

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Partners aid in promoting our programs, conduct joint meetings with 10.10.10, or provide resources or discounts.

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Sponsors lend credibility to the event and offset the associated costs, through cash and in-kind contributions.

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Wicked Problems

Past wicked problems tackled by the entrepreneurs in the 1O.1O.1O programs span water, health and infrastructure, and are also found in food, learning, energy, security, climate change and waste. Some wicked problems include:
  • Lack of access to water data and actionable information
  • Lack of data liquidity in health care
  • Difficulty in bridging health care to the community
  • Inability to harness data for use in meeting city needs
  • Misaligned incentives: pay for care not for health
  • Lack of screening tools or ways to identify kids from ages 5-10 who have behavioral health issues
  • Lack of affordable real estate: increasing home and commercial real estate is a barrier to economic security and better health
We’re eager to learn what you think is a wicked problem and we’ll consider it for a future program. Click here to propose your wicked problem.